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White Sensation in Prague, the amazing world’s leading dance event, is coming on the month of March

“One City, One Book” campaign organized by Dublin City Council; April is the Oscar Wilde’s month in Dublin (UK)

Le Tour de France gives to all the opportunity to visit France following the bikes' tour

One of the greatest movie with Denzel Washinghton, "The Book of Eli" - ‘I kept my faith. I finished the race.”

The International Memory Competition, a championship for testing the memory

“The Male Brain”, a USA best seller wrote by Louann Brizendine (author also of “The Female Brain” )

Harley Davidson for her, hands-on tips and seminars on key areas of motorcycling basics for ladies

The Austrian remarkable pianist, Catalina Butcaru (born in Romania)


White Sensation in


If you are planning to attend be aware that there is a dress code: all the participants must wear white clothes, only shoes could be a different color.

“Be Part Of The Night - Dress In White”

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The Oscar Wilde’s month in Dublin


April is the month when “One City, One Book” campaign organized by Dublin City Council has chose to encourage people for reading Oscar Wilde and his book “The portrait of Dorian Grey”.

The campaign is running under the slogan “Go Wilde in the City” suggesting to everyone to ‘meet’ Oscar Wilde in cinemas, theaters or libraries.

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Le Tour de France


Le Tour de France, the bicycle race known all around the world, covers more than 3000km on France and neighbor countries. The race lasts three weeks and attracts cyclists from around the world.

It has started on 3rd July in Rotterdam, being the 97th race and after crossing the exact distance of 3642km (meaning 20 stages) will be ended in Paris on Champs Elysees.

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The book of Eli


“The Book of Eli’ is more than a movie. Is a lesson of life, a lesson of a life destiny and following our destiny, a lesson of being human and acting as a human, a lesson of hope and keeping the entire life that hope, a lesson of being happy and following that happiness in spite of everything what is around, a lesson of the true and protecting the real true which is God, a lesson of positive thinking and keeping this thinking until the last second of our life.

‘I kept my faith. I finished the race.” – Denzel Washinghton (Eli)

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The international memory competition


A very interesting competition has been placed at New York on 6th March - the US Memory Championship, when 35 Americans tested their memory.

First they tried to memorize 90 photographs of the people and then they should recognize each of one.

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How men are thinking ...


After “The Female Brain”, a best seller in USA, the psychiatrist Louann Brizendine has wrote recently “The Male Brain” where she is trying to explain how male brain is working.

She is trying to explain how male brain is working. In this way she hopes that will help couples facing problems to understand each other much better.

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Harley Davidson for


These lines are first of all – for ladies. Because we are talking about an event for ladies: Harley-Davidson will present next month, on 24th March “Harley for Her”.

The meeting will offer hands-on tips and seminars on key areas of motorcycling basics.

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Austrian Pianist Catalina


The Austrian pianist, Catalina Butcaru (born in Romania) is a remarkable musician, a great talent of her generation.

After her concert at Konzerthaus in Vienna, the critics said: “…is a musical partner of oustounding maturity, technically impeccable with an expressive gift that ranges from sublime differentation to compelling energetic power”.

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