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Reasons and tips to book a holiday property: price, space, owner facilities

The strangest hotels of the world: Giraffe Manor Hotel, Jumbo Hostel, Das Park Hotel etc.

Big Cats and Exploration Safaris Adventure, tour and travel operator firm based in Kenya

The Aurora Borealis or the Finland Northern Lights

The most uncommon restaurants over world: Watermark, Ithaa Restaurant, Dinner in the Sky etc.

The online shoe museum or the High Hill Shoe Museum founded by sculptor Bruce Gray

For the month of May, be ready to go to the famous beer festival in Prague

Enjoy Vienna, the city of waltz and visit it at the Easter time

For winter time, travel to the Snowvillage and stay at the Ice Hotel, Finland (Lapland)


Reasons to book a holiday


If you are wondering why to rent a holiday apartment, well, here are few good points for this.

Read about travelling tips as: price, space, owner facilities, etc.

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The strangest hotels of the


Owners or landlords always tried to find a new idea which may attract visitors or just to make imaginary things to became reality. That is why they created few different hotels.

Some of the different hotels: Giraffe Manor Hotel (Kenya), Jumbo Hostel (Stockholm), Das Park Hotel (Austria, Ottensheim Rodl) etc.

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Big Cats Safaris


Big Cats Exploration and Safaris is a tour and travel operator firm, based in South Coast of Diani Beach (Kenya). They invite you to a unique and professional safari adventure in Kenya as well as East-Africa.

They are very well organized making you to have a pleasant staying in the middle of nature.

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The Finland Northern


Scientist explain this phenomena as the result of the emissions of photons in the Earth's upper atmosphere; the color of the sky could be green or brownish-red when are oxygen emissions, and blue or red when are nitrogen emissions.

No matter of the color, the aurora borealis remains a beautiful, spectacular phenomenon.

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The most uncommon


In their wish to have more and more guests many interesting ideas have become to the life, in restaurant’s industry.

Few of these: The Watermark, Ithaa Restaurant, Dinner in the Sky, etc.

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The high shoe


No matter that we are going out with friends, or going to a party evening, or even to a business meeting - there is a very important accessory for women – the high heel shoes: elegant, sexy, exotic or just flirty the shoes may ‘talk’ in our place if they have been right chosen. is an online shoe museum founded by sculptor Bruce Gray in 2002.

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The Beer


One of the most appreciated Beer Festival over the world takes place every year on the month of May, in Prague.

So you if like beer or just having a good time or party, this is the place for you!

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Easter in


Vienna, the capital of Austria or better the city of music, is ready every year to celebrate the Easter. At Opera performs, yearly, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with a repertoire which reflects the Christ sufferance during the Easter Concert (The Osterklang Festival).

The beautiful and amazing Schoenbrunn is every year the host for the Easter Market.

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The Ice


The ‘winter-lovers’ have the chance to spend few nights on the largest Ice Hotel from Finland (Lapland), so prepare your sleeping bags and be ready to enjoy a night at -50 in an ice room (igloo)!

The Snowvillage has been built on the 7.5 square kilometers site every winter for the last eight years and expanded year by year.

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