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Below is our Policy regarding listing on www.Booking-Flats.com.

Our Policy will have effect between the website www.Booking-Flats.com and the property owner listed on www.booking-flats.com, hereby named as ‘Owner’.

According to the law no. 677/2001 (modified and completed), published in Romanian Official Journal no. 790 from December 12nd 2001 concerning the processing personal information and free circulation of these data, and also law no. 506/2004 published in Romanian Official Journal, Part I, no. 1101 from November 25th 2004 concerning the processing personal information and protection of private data on electronic communication area, www.Booking-Flats.com has the obligation to manage safety and only for the mentioned purposes, specified below, all the information which the Owner provides us.

The purpose of asking and collection of Owner's information regarding to his property is for the following purposes:

  • To list the Owner's property on www.Booking-Flats.com having the goal to promote his apartment/house/holiday accommodation;
  • To send him inquires that clients have made on our website, regarding to the Owner property;
  • To send offers, advertising and marketing messages.

Also, www.Booking-Flats.com cannot use your provided personal data for any purposes other than those specified above, unless expressly stated in writing that purpose, and which have received your consent in advance.

www.Booking-Flats.com has no responsibility regarding the information provided by the Owner, which has the obligation to provide correct and accurate information.

www.Booking-Flats.com is entitled to list all the information provided by the Owner as name, contact details (as: address, telephone number, fax number, website, e-mail), property pictures, description & address etc.

www.Booking-Flats.com is registered with the legal name and details which are presented on About us page.

If some of your listed data are incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible at office@booking-flats.com.

Once a reservation is confirmed by the owner, we take a fee from the client which may be paid by bank transfer or credit card.

Regarding to all the payments made by credit card, please notice that for any transaction we have a 3-D Secure system offered by ePayment for MasterCard and Visa card payments, and no information about your card is not stored or transferred, at any moment of time, on our servers or on the ePayment servers. All the information are managed directly by Visa and MasterCard systems.

In addition, if your card is issued by a certified bank with the 3-D Secure System, the payment authorizing is made only after you login into this system (you have to fill in your code / password known only by you, the same way as a PIN number for ATM transactions). Please read "Verified by Visa" and "SecureCode" for details regarding the 3-D Secure System.

Booking-Flats Team